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KCMGRUB2 Class Reference

List of all members.

Public Member Functions

virtual void defaults ()
 KCMGRUB2 (QWidget *parent=0, const QVariantList &list=QVariantList())
virtual void load ()
virtual void save ()

Private Types

enum  {
  grubSavedefaultDirty, grubHiddenTimeoutDirty, grubHiddenTimeoutQuietDirty, grubTimeoutDirty,
  grubDisableRecoveryDirty, memtestDirty, grubDisableOsProberDirty, grubGfxmodeDirty,
  grubGfxpayloadLinuxDirty, grubColorNormalDirty, grubColorHighlightDirty, grubBackgroundDirty,
  grubThemeDirty, grubCmdlineLinuxDefaultDirty, grubCmdlineLinuxDirty, grubTerminalDirty,
  grubTerminalInputDirty, grubTerminalOutputDirty, grubDistributorDirty, grubSerialCommandDirty,
  grubInitTuneDirty, grubDisableLinuxUuidDirty, lastDirtyBit

Private Slots

void slotCreateGrubBackground ()
void slotGrubCmdlineLinuxChanged ()
void slotGrubCmdlineLinuxDefaultChanged ()
void slotGrubColorHighlightChanged ()
void slotGrubColorNormalChanged ()
void slotGrubDisableLinuxUuidChanged ()
void slotGrubDisableOsProberChanged ()
void slotGrubDisableRecoveryChanged ()
void slotGrubDistributorChanged ()
void slotGrubGfxmodeChanged ()
void slotGrubGfxpayloadLinuxChanged ()
void slotGrubHiddenTimeoutChanged ()
void slotGrubHiddenTimeoutQuietChanged ()
void slotGrubInitTuneChanged ()
void slotGrubSavedefaultChanged ()
void slotGrubSerialCommandChanged ()
void slotGrubTerminalChanged ()
void slotGrubTerminalInputChanged ()
void slotGrubTerminalOutputChanged ()
void slotGrubThemeChanged ()
void slotGrubTimeoutChanged ()
void slotMemtestChanged ()
void slotPreviewGrubBackground ()
void slotRemoveOldEntries ()
void slotTriggeredSuggestion (QAction *action)
void slotUpdateSuggestions ()
void slowGrubBackgroundChanged ()

Private Member Functions

QString convertToGRUBFileName (const QString &fileName)
QString convertToLocalFileName (const QString &grubFileName)
void parseEntries (const QString &config)
void parseEnv (const QString &config)
void parseSettings (const QString &config)
QString quoteWord (const QString &word)
bool readDevices ()
bool readEntries ()
bool readEnv ()
QString readFile (const QString &fileName)
bool readResolutions ()
bool readSettings ()
void setupConnections ()
void setupObjects ()
void showResolutions ()
void sortResolutions ()
QString unquoteWord (const QString &word)

Private Attributes

QHash< QString, QString > m_devices
QBitArray m_dirtyBits
QStringList m_entries
QHash< QString, QString > m_env
QHash< QString, QString > m_kernels
QStringList m_resolutions
QHash< QString, QString > m_settings

Detailed Description

Definition at line 30 of file kcm_grub2.h.

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